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Hello, 'I’m Willow!

As an award-winning entrepreneur and energy medicine practitioner, I dedicate my life to supporting individuals through the Heroine’s Journey, by sharing the Sacred Feminine Mystery Teachings with them. My passion is to support people in alchemising their pain and trauma, into empowerment, purpose and freedom.

I’m a born and bred Aussie farm-girl, with a vision to lead a Sacred Feminine revolution globally to support others to embody their full potential. I’ve been at the helm of three creative start-ups, picked up a Young Entrepreneur Award, steered a successful multi-million dollar property development company focused on creating community, and was named National Ambassador of the Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund raising over $80,000 towards PhD scholarships. I have been invited to speak at many universities, businesses and schools.

For as long as I could remember, I never felt that I belonged in the world, always struggling with the depth of the emotions and feelings that would be moving through my body from a young child. It was by the age of 18 years old that I received a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, that took me through the western medical system until I met a Shaman in the darkest of days, who saved my life. It was through understanding the shamanic view of mental illness, remembering and healing the sexual traumas I’d experienced, a kundalini awakening and an understanding of what is called “spiritual emergence” that allowed me to commit to the healing journey required with mental illness.

I was then awarded a scholarship to go to Europe and train with the World’s Most Renowned Energy Medicine School, The Four Winds Society – with medical anthropologist, Alberto Villoldo completing the 300 hour Core Curriculum as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Natural Health Medicine Coach. Since then, I have travelled across the globe from Europe, Bali, Peru, South Africa and Australia, connecting with Sacred Sites, Wisdom-keepers and learning wisdom teachings that I bring into my sessions with clients. I also completed a Womb Awakening Apprenticeship with Fountain of Life as a Womb Awakening Facilitator and Womb Priestess Mentor. Plus, I’m also completing training in Vortex Healing®. With a soon to be published book Mental Health Warrior, I’m also completing a PhD in Transpersonal Counselling, learning the Advanced Four Winds Master Classes and ongoing training through VortexHealing®.

Now medication free from mental illness, having reclaimed my own personal power after sexual trauma and Bipolar Disorder, as a millennial Sacred Feminine Leader, I’m leading a movement of conscious leaders to be empowered to use their adversity and mental illness as opportunities to make a positive change in the world.

I’m a spokesperson for a new way to look at mental illness; I do not believe it is a life sentence and can instead be an initiatory experience that allows one to alchemise their stories of pain and trauma into purpose, freedom and empowerment. I now support others to do this too, and guide them through what I call the Mental Health Warrior’s journey that I share in my book.

I blend science, psychology and spirituality together to provide a holistic approach to coaching that truly supports personal awakening through Sacred Feminine Healing and business manifestation; this transforms a soulpreneurs approach to business so they can operate from a state of wisdom, trust and The Sacred Feminine. I also support them to create, build and promote a business connected to their true soul purpose, so they can share their unique gifts to make a difference in the world. I weave together my training in natural health medicine coaching, shamanic energy medicine, womb awakening, vortex healing and other practices, through each of her offerings in Sacred Feminine Alchemy.

Through my 1:1 work with client, I share key fundamentals around being a Millennial Sacred Feminine Leader, learning how to navigate and embody the balance between the Sacred Feminine energies of collaboration, empathy and self care, with the Sacred Masculine energies of achieving goals, focusing her team and leading a growing company. As a heavily ‘doing’ working culture of pressure to achieve and produce results can lead to burn out, as I experience. It was within my journey after lacking deep relationships, totally out of rhythm with my menstrual cycle, experiencing endometriosis and unaware of the source of my true Feminine power - my Womb, that I began to hear the Call of the Sacred Feminine. The disconnection to my wild, primal, sensual, feeling and playful self, was the inspiration I needed to inspire me to create a life in alignment with my authentic self. I share Ancient Sacred Feminine Mystery Teachings and practices, to support women in re-connecting to their heart and womb, and the truth of who they are.

My big vision, is to create a Mental Health Warrior program to introduce into the school curriculum globally, that raises awareness around mental health in a holistic capacity. I also envision to create a global Shamanic gathering that will provide a “rites of passage” ceremony for 1 million youth to support reduced crime rates, connecting youth with their life purpose and authentic self, whilst also supporting them through their time of menarche and sexual awakening that occurs at this time. By supporting me, you support me in bringing these bigger visions to life.

As a voice and space holder for the Sacred Feminine, my passion is to hold space for you to embody the truth of who you are, to realise the bigger vision for your life, and dream this into being for your personal healing, relationships and business.

My Offer to you…

Book your first 1:1 Session with Willow and experience the benefits of Sacred Feminine Alchemy. Within this session, Willow will work with whatever is a priority for the session, get to know you and also provide you with a road-map of how Sacred Feminine Alchemy can support you moving forward. You will leave this one session, with so many incredible insights, new inspiration and clarity. No time to wait.. book in!

This is the sign you were waiting for.. trust it!

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Mental Health Warrior

Honest, raw and real. A story of re-writing pain and trauma, into empowerment, purpose and freedom. Willow shares her story from a Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis, to leading a multi million dollar company as an award-winning young entrepreneur and share’s how you too, can re-write a new destiny for yourself. Are you ready to awaken the Mental Health Warrior within?