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At Sacred Feminine Alchemy, we are dedicated to creating spaces for modern-day women to remember the forgotten mysteries of the Sacred Feminine, come home to their bodies, re-connect to their heart-womb, awaken their wild Sacred expression and activate their gifts to share with the world to make a difference.

Sacred Feminine Alchemy is an inner journey into your psyche, body and soul to catalyse and support your Sacred Feminine Awakening. We each come into being through our transformation, trials, triumphs and adversity.

Our process of transformation as women is different to a man’s path. You may be familiar with the Hero’s journey of stepping out of the unknown into an adventure, to face outer obstacles, receiving accolades and achievements in the process. Within our culture we have embraced the Hero’s journey and our desire for success and the outer world. The inner journey that a woman undertakes is less known about, and is a quest to fully embrace her Feminine nature and potential, through healing the deep wound of the Feminine.

For us as women, our process of transformation is an inner journey. That inner journey has been coined by best selling author, psychotherapist and Jungian analyst Maureen Murdoch as the ‘Heroine journey’ and is an inner journey into our psyche, body and soul. The Heroine’s journey, is an archetypal process of the integration of the Masculine skills we have learnt through our life when we previously tried to seek success in a male-orientated work world, that cycles back to meet with the redefinition and validation of the Feminine values within ourselves. If one experienced the Feminine as being seen as negative, powerless or manipulative, then as a child we may reject those qualities we have associated with the Feminine. Feminine values such as vulnerability, nurturing, intuition, emotional expressiveness, creativity and spirituality.


Our Founder, Willow Jayne, dedicates her life to supporting individuals through the Heroine’s Journey, by sharing the Sacred Feminine Mystery Teachings with them. Her passion is to support people in alchemising their pain and trauma, into empowerment, purpose and freedom.


As an award-winning entrepreneur and energy medicine practitioner, Willow Jayne, is helping healers, creatives and entrepreneurs create, build and promote a business connected to their true soul purpose, so they can share their unique gifts to make a difference in the world.

Blending science, psychology and spirituality to provide a holistic approach to coaching that truly supports personal awakening through business manifestation and energy medicine; Willow Jayne, transforms a soulpreneurs approach to business so they operate from a state of wisdom, trust and The Sacred Feminine.

Having reclaimed her personal power after sexual trauma and Bipolar Disorder, this millennial Sacred Feminine Leader, is leading a movement of conscious leaders to be empowered to use their adversity and mental illness as opportunities to make a positive change in the world.

Willow Jayne is a spokesperson for a new way to look at mental illness; she believes it is not a life sentence and can instead be an initiatory experience that allows one to alchemise their stories of pain and trauma into purpose, freedom and empowerment.

Willow weaves her training in natural health medicine coaching, shamanic energy medicine, womb awakening, vortex healing and other practices, through each of her offerings in Sacred Feminine Alchemy.


Do any of these sound like you…

Do you wish to be guided through your Sacred Feminine Awakening?

Do you want a deeper connection with your Heart, Body and Womb?

Do you want to unlock your Shakti and Sacred Feminine codes to share your unique gifts with the world in a way you feel called to?

Do you wish to embody more self esteem, confidence, sensuality, self-worth and alive-ness?

Do you wish to attract your soul mate, feel more comfortable to be more vulnerable, intimate and connected to your sacred sexuality?

Do you have a creative project, business or manifestation you wish to bring into being that you want to bring into form with a more Feminine approach?

Are you being guided to be a catalyst as a Sacred Feminine leader or entrepreneur who is here to make a difference in this world through sharing your unique gifts?

Do you want to learn self-care, ceremonies, rituals and self-love practices so that you can nourish yourself in a way that your health, wealth, business, relationships and you can thrive?

Then... you will love what we do!