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About Sacred Feminine Alchemy

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Sacred Feminine Alchemy, is an immersion into the Feminine Healing Arts, to realise your full potential through awakening your Feminine consciousness. A remembrance of a very ancient way - the way of Love, Sacred Union and Original Innocence. 

A Sacred Feminine Awakening is a return to a way of being of emotional awareness, natural expression of feelings, tenderness, heightened sensory perception, intuition, compassion, empathic connection to other humans, animals and nature, a desire for relationship, communion, peace, harmony and synchrony with web of life and nature. It opens you to experience sacred sexuality that is as wild as it is innocent. A return to an embodied whole-body intelligence that is relaxed, playful, free from trauma.

This is a descent back into your body, and connection to your womb, feelings, primal centre, sensuality, erotic nature and the Feminine dimension of your psyche. It's a journey of letting go of control, to fully embrace and accept all of who you are.

To honour the Sacred Feminine, one must value the Feminine principle, along with the Masculine principle as equal and fundamental aspects of the Divine. The Sacred Feminine is a concept that recognises that “God” is neither anthropomorphically male or female but a Divine Essence beyond form and duality – an essence that is in balance and unification of Masculine and Feminine principles – a dynamic interdependent  “immanence”  that pervades all life. This is represented within the Yin Yang symbol.