Mommy Blogger and Top 50 Entrepreneur inspires Region

From mommy blogger to being named one of Australia’s Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs under 40. Mandi Gunsberger left an imprint on the hearts of a small crowd in Wagga Wagga today, when she spoke as the first speaker of a series of speaker sessions at the Riverina’s epi-centre of Entrepreneurship, Hubb Hubb.  

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Mandi is an Entrepreneur, mum-of-three, and founder of Babyology that she started alone in her living room with $5000 in 2007. Babyology is an Australian parenting site that provides a supportive and trusted community for over one million parents and parents to be. She then soon became Australia’s largest digital publisher on parenting, with a following of 1.2 million raving followers on Facebook. She scaled then exited the business after a decade, with her days now spent consulting with Founders and CEO’s to help them build their business, scale and prepare for exit just as she did!

The room was packed out! We were all in awe at Mandi’s warmth and humility as she shared her story with us. She had me leaning on my seat intrigued to hear where her journey started. I had a grin from ear to ear, when she shared that her Entrepreneur days started at the early age of 12 years old washing hair for the elderly. Don’t you just think some people are born-to-be Entrepreneurs? Well that’s definitely the case for Mandi. She then went on to leave school at 16 years old and land her first job as a Chef at the Sheraton from her determined effort of sending out 70 plus emails, persevering to get her foot in the door.

It feels like Mandi’s childhood and teenage years laid the foundations for her grounded, down to earth nature that then went on to be her guiding light through navigating the ebbs and flows of the Entrepreneurial world. This also shone through the themes of strength, honesty and ethics, empathy, and her get shit done attitude as she shared her story. But it wasn’t until she was pregnant at Christmas 2006 that she answered her true Entrepreneurial call, with her ambitious vision for Babyology. 

Mandi was ready to get raw and real with us, also sharing her biggest failures and common mistakes, with an intent to empower local entrepreneurs, creatives and work from home folks in the region to leave with practical strategies in their businesses.

Top take-away’s from Mandi’s speaker session today were: 

Connect with your PASSION. It is the ultimate key to forging the perseverance and hard work that is required to sustain the energy and motivation through the ebbs and flows of the Entrepreneurial life.

Automation and processes will save you from pulling your hair out. In the early days, this was a life saver for her, allowing her to stay in her strengths of sales and connecting with people, whilst her built system then took people through from enquiry to paying customers. 

Think long term and create an online bible from day dot. When it was time for Mandi to exit her business after she had scaled it, one of the top assets that made this happen was the work she had placed into the creation of an online bible, that made way for a seamless onboarding and handover process to the new owners. 

Be patient and adaptable, because nothing happens overnight. Be ready to pivot and be flexible to the market needs each day. One of her biggest success’s, was having her eyes on the market and two key metrics each day. These two key metrics were increasing how many eyeballs were on their content and increasing revenue. She used this to measure her success along with determining which growth strategies she would give the green or red light. This also lessened the distractions and excuses and paved way for clarity and focus. 

Test before you go to market. If you’re in the ideation or concept stage, then test and ask if there’s a genuine need for your product and are people willing to pay for it. For one of her product lines she waited until she had 2000 people signed up before she even made the next step. 

Employees, will make or break you. Her tip: only hire people that you can learn from yourself, rather than having to spoon feed them! 

Cash flow is King. Watch your cash flow constantly and have 6 months in the bank if anything goes wrong, and some times growing at a slower pace can be more beneficial longer term. 

Have a thick skin. Mandi was an open book, sharing how there were some days she would be in a fetal position horrified, then other days on top of the world after seeing herself in a newspaper article and her team completely on target. Her words of encouragement were around the need to have a thick skin, and to look after oneself. We can’t do it all ourselves, so if that means hiring someone to take on some of the lesser priorities like cleaning the home – then get that sorted so you can spend quality time with the fam-bam in the moments that count! 

One last hot tip on finding the right mentors. If you’re currently in search for a mentor, she said do your due diligence and know that one mentor may not be for the long term. Move between mentors based on your needs, and ensure that they have achieved and done already, what it is that you are seeking their advice on. 

Mandi closed on the importance she has always held with not wanting to ‘blur the lines’ in business and instead stay true to her core values. A true testament for how staying in integrity, will lead to success!

This speaker session left me feeling empowered and inspired by this mum-of-three and Entrepreneur, and it sure sounded like that was the vibe for the rest of crowd that joined me with the buzz in the room when she finished!  

These speaker sessions are another innovative creation from the co-founders of Hubb Hubb, Di Somerville and Simone Eyles, who are well on their way to having their audacious vision of creating a world leading epi-centre for Entrepreneurship realised.

Be sure to include the next Hubb Hubb speaker session on your must-do’s in your calendar next month by following the Hubb Hubb Facebook page on the link below. Let’s show them our support, Wagga Wagga and surrounds! Tell your friends. 

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