The Sovereign Woman

We are Divine Sovereign beings. It’s part of our true nature.

She feels joy and power, independent to the rules, circumstances and people in the world.

She challenges the status quo, defies expectations, turns things upside down and stands for her truth.

She experiences and trusts her true source, within.

She knows that she cannot find what she is truly looking for outside of herself, and because of this, there is a peace about her.

She has a courageous heart and wild soul.

She is a celestial pillar between Spirit and Earth.

She explores her own inner landscape through self acceptance rather than self judgment.

She knows she is living from her greatest potential because she has let go of seeking and instead come home to herself and source.

She knows the most important relationship she will ever have is with herself.

She relinquishes her victim ways, of being a child who blames others and feels sorry for themselves, to instead take full responsibility to see every experience as a lesson.

She believes there’s an abundant resource of anything we need, and therefore no reason to exploit.

She has a deep knowing of who she truly is, her divine mission and gifts.

She easily makes the best choices for herself.

She uses her words and stories, to be felt through sharing from her feelings rather than mind.

She looks within herself to see what is wishing to be birthed as creative projects, rather than looking outside of herself.

She has upgraded her money story and uses money as a joyful tool to serve the highest good of all.

She chooses to dance with the energy within her as pure pleasure.

She chooses for the weight of the world not to rest on her shoulders.

She uses her body’s wisdom to tune into what is true for her today, and this may be different to yesterday, and this she trusts too.

She is the woman that was waiting within you all along wishing to emerge. She descended, remembered and rebirthed.

She is the phoenix after the ashes, emerged from burning all that which no longer serves her.

She emerges when we attune to our centre. Our alignment with this centre is where our true power, pleasure and purpose reside.

Art: unknown

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