Healing the Core Wound Imprint

Our deepest wounds are what we are most afraid of feeling – and that resistance keeps them locked in place, until we have the courage to set them free…

How we are conceived, gestated, birthed and nurtured in childhood has a profound effect on us. Any shocks, traumas, hurts – even what would be perceived as ‘small’ to an adult mind – can have a deep effect on how we experience life, how we develop and what our future experiences will be.

In a neuro-biological sense, we begin to create ‘pathways of pain’, that we become wired to travel along time and time again, looping in the same painful pattern, releasing the same chemical responses of fear and anxiety. We become ‘addicted’ to this negative hormonal cocktail and it starts to feel ‘normal’.

On an emotional level, we often ‘disassociate’ from the moment of trauma or hurt – in a bid to protect ourselves from the full impact of the pain, the loss, the grief, the betrayal, the abandonment we feel. In the short-term, this survival mechanism can be useful, but in the long-term it can be very destructive.

During trauma or shock, we actually freeze – our whole physical and spiritual system shuts down, and our Soul floats out of our body. For many people, their systems never kick-start again, and part of their Soul, their Essence, never feels safe enough to return to their body. This creates a feeling of fragmentation, of not really ‘being here’, a disturbing sense of parts of ourselves being lost.

Psychologically, we build complex defense mechanisms to guard against having to contact or re-experience this initial trauma. We live in a state of mental denial of what has happened to us, how we truly feel, and how it is still silently running our lives, our emotions, our experiences and choices every moment, of every day.

This is our Core Wound Imprint. Even though we may live in emotional and mental denial of it, it guides our entire life and is reflected back to us in every negative event we experience, every unsupportive, judgmental or abusive person we draw into our lives, every deep feeling of empty despair we try to disguise.

It is also reflected on the physical by the way we hold our body, our structural misalignments, our postural reactions, the type of diseases we choose to express.

Contacting the causes of our Core Wound Imprint, bringing them to the light of truth, surrendering to the painful feelings we have resisted, and then dissolving all the hurt as we open back to love, trusting that we are safe and taken care of, brings about profound healing. It shifts patterns we had mistakenly thought were part of who we were. In the deepest sense it is a retrieval of our Soul.

© Azra and Seren Bertrand, Fountain of Life, 2012. All Rights Reserved.