Manifest anything you desire with this one tool

Happy equinox blessings from this recent passage-way, that has allowed us all to be able to first honor then release the last 6 months to be able to call forward a brand spankin new fresh cycle for the next 6 months to come. 
This week I have a short and sweet willow whisper for you.. as I share what’s running through me at the moment.. 
The motto I am using for inspiration the next 6 months is DO LESS, WELL!
I truly feel there’s like an energetic re-set upon us at the moment, blessing us with the opportunity to look at how we want to do things differently for the remainder of the year when it comes to bringing our manifestations into form. 
We truly are the powerful conscious creators of our life, and first we have to truly lean in and open up that vast curious space of dreaming in the world we REALLY DESIRE! 

  • How many hours do you want to be working a week?

  • How many times a year do you want to be traveling abroad?

  • How do you want the structure of your days to feel?

  • What are the values you hold to be the compass of your decisions?

  • What’s the legacy you want to leave?

  • What’s most important for you in the next 1-3 years and how are you actively working on evolving yourself each day to be an authentic match to receive these?

You are the designer, and scriptwriter of your every experience. 
If you are wondering right now.. hmm.. I have been calling in for all of that abundance, that next relationship or that clarity? But where the damn is it.. 
Take the time over the next week of what is remaining of this mercury retrograde to ponder on these questions..

How could you cultivate the level of consciousness to be an authentic match to receive this in your reality?

Where are you consciously or unconsciously blocking yourself from being able to receive this?

For example – if you have intentions to receive more clients, but don’t have the necessary systems in place to be able to serve them, or the free space in your calendar to meet and help them, or the level of mastery over your energy to expand in this way, then you may very well not be an authentic match to the vibration of that intention.
Another example – if you are calling in a new relationship, yet you haven’t spent the time to digest the emotions, past hurt and pain from previous relationships to learn the lessons and claim the gifts then you may not be receptive to meeting a new partner who embodies a new experience of learning and relating for you. 
Whatever your goal or intention – if this goal had been achieved TODAY.. what would your mindset be? What would you be eating and how would you be nourishing your overall health if that goal or intention has already happened today.. what type of qualities would you have developed within yourself if that goal or intention were true today? 
A favourite technique of mine! And, the one technique to use to manifest anything you desire in your life. 
Most people focus on all the things they need to be doing to manifest their ideal life, but first we have to BE that consciousness. 
BE the partner you wish to attract.  
BE the person that already has that goal or intention – with our thoughts, our actions, our day to day life, our habits and embody the consciousness of that which we wish to attract. 
So.. if your goal or intention was here today.. would you be ready to receive it?
The new house, the new relationship, the abundance, the new clients, that new opportunity.. 
Have you held and witnessed the parts of you that are still in resistance to that new life manifesting? 
Because, if it hasn’t yet manifested, it’s no doubt a sign that your energy is being split at the moment, with energy being drained towards your fears and the small parts of you kind of not wanting to have to deal with your fears and the icky parts of new-ness of your intentions, and then the rest of your energy is truly wishing for it to manifest. 
The quickest way to bring yourself into alignment so that all your energy is being directed in the one direction towards the IDEAL LIFE you want to create the next 6 months?

  • Be honest with yourself about the fear, resistance and parts of you that feel confused, unsure, scared and lost by that new life or new intention you are calling in

  • Close your eyes and imagine that your new life in 6 months you are calling in and new intentions are present here, that you are living it now as your reality. How does that make you feel? If there are parts of you that feel not 100% in a joyful level of inspired alignment with this, what do those parts need to feel safe to move forward and move from fear to trust and surrender.. 

  • Create a vision board for the ideal life you wish to create this next 6 months and really anchor into how you want this to FEEL more than anything – make sure it is a full whole body yes that this is it! I do mine via pinterest so I can take it wherever I go

  • Create a daily ritual through either a manifesto, ritual or ceremony that allows you to connect into the EMBODIMENT of that you in 6 months, so you anchor more and more into that consciousness each day

  • FINALLY – The “DO” part of the BE + DO = HAVE technique.. create a plan that shows you exactly day by day, week by week, month by month – how your intention is going into your form – the details are the energetic instructions to the universe! And this there.. that’s my secret trick to manifesting within minutes.. for example if you are going to manifest a new partner – where will you meet them, and what qualities will they be embodying.. if you are manifesting money.. then how and where and when will the money come in to you and then how are you going to be spending this and write all of this down and act upon this consistently.. 

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