Energy Medicine VS Traditional Healing

To be honest - most people when I start telling them what I do.. think it's a bit "woo woo", and I used to be one of those people too.. I mean, I was born into a family of farmers who have been doing farming for well over the past 100 years.. energy medicine and the sorts wasn't on anyone's radar when I was sharing what I wanted to do when I grew up.. 

It was my own experience of mental illness though that allowed me to find energy medicine and shamanism, or perhaps you could say it found me... I was amidst the darkest days of my life, waking up every day, not wanting to face the world. In those days, no matter how hard I tried to have an enthusiastic outlook, there was this aching in my heart beyond anything I had ever experienced before. It was the heartbreak of a relationship that tore every part of me to sheds, and caused me to face my shadow, and be forced to step up, take responsibility for my life, and answer the calling of the great departure, into the unknown, and into the deepest parts of my unconscious through a dark night of the soul. It was that week, that a shaman reached out to me synchronistically through an acquaintance urging that he must speak with me.. and he couldnt have been more right, because without that conversation it would be unlikely I would still be here today. That was my introduction into shamanism, and since then I have learnt that shamanism is not a course, it's a way of life and being in relationship with the world... one that we cultivate each day. 

Recently I have had people ask me for the "technical" side of the theory behind what it is I do, and specifically around mental illness, so this week I am sharing that with you here - the 8 key fundamentals supporting healing through energy medicne. 

Energy medicine is different to the western medical system, in that it is not based on pathology or curing, and instead has a core focus on healing, and becoming available for new possibilities, and a new destiny. In my energy medicine sessions, the themes I first explore with clients are questions such as.. 

  • what is your mission in this life? 

  • what's the difference you are here to make? 

  • what were you born into this body and life for? what are you dreams and how can we actualise them? 

Energy medicine is not only then about healing what may be the core issue or theme, it is then also about the bigger picture for your life. One example of this.. would be that if you got bitten in a hospital with a snake bite. The western medical system would rush you off to to hospital emergency room to have it fixed. Whereas for us, we would definitely encourage you to go to the emergency room and have this fixed, because the western medical system is really good at being able to fix things like this, but we would then invite you to look at why the snake bit you in the first place.. we might ask.. "why and how are you out of alignment with life that you had to have this type of encounter with life, what is this teaching you and showing you?"

8 Key Fundamentals for Healing with Energy Medicine.. 

#1 We Give Meaning To The Healing Process 
We give meaning to the healing process, by supporting clients to remember the past with compassion instead of pain, and by being able to appreciate the insights, gifts and lessons gained instead of reliving the suffering once experienced. Psychology and psychiatry may focus on needing to speak the nature of a trauma, whilst working on the energetic level, one does not need to re-live the event throughout a session. This supports those clients who feel overwhelmed with distress by the idea of working with intense levels of fear and trauma of past events. 

#2 All Problems Are Perceptual In Nature 
We believe that all problems are perceptual in nature, that's not to say they are not real, that reality exists, but it does not have to be the only or primary reality the problem can be perceived from. 

We believe that everything that we perceive, is a reflection of an internal, individual map or blueprint that has been constructed about the nature of reality. These maps are stored in what is called the Luminous Energy Field, and what scientists call neural networks in the brain. These maps that we carry within ourselves determine how we interpret and react to the world around us, give meaning to our behaviours and our experiences (even more so than reality itself!!) because it's generally not our external reality that is limiting us, but our personal map of reality. Therefore, if you wish to change the outer world, we believe you must begin by changing the inner maps, which is done by healing the imprints of disease and trauma from the Luminous Energy Field and upgrading it's quality.

These imprints are like a memory that has been formed at an early age, between our life times or former lives and can serve as a root for both the limiting and empowering beliefs we form as children, and then become how we unconsciously or conscious view the world and ourselves. These imprints are generally dormant, until they become triggered by events in our life, in the same way a cancer gene can become triggered then manifesting itself in a person. When there is no imprint in the luminous energy field for disease, or we erase the imprint that caused the onset of disease, then the body can heal at tremendous speeds and the immune system can rapidly radiate the disease. 

Neuro-science and biology is now showing us a new way of perceiving reality in the same way that shamans have known all along through neuro-plasticity, neuro-genesis and epigenetic which occur through upgrading the luminous energy field. This new scientific breakthrough shows the interconnectedness between consciousness and matter, allowing us to not only understand our issues, but also to heal ourselves with that understanding. Neurologist Peter Eriksson discovered that our brains experience neurogenesis, meaning we are able to grow new brain cells from neural stem cells, therefore any brain cells that have been lost due to alcohol, injury or Alzheimers can be replaced. Thanks to neuro-plasticity we also know that the brain has an ability to organise itself into a higher order near circuitry to create psychosomatic health. These new neural networks are brain structures that are formed when experiences cause neurons to fire and communicate with each other through what is referred to as synopsis, that work to efficiently ensure the information travels quickly through the brain and nervous system. Biology is now highlighting epigenetic which is our ability to modify our genetic expression through what we eat, drink, breathe, the thoughts we have and the love we experience ni our lives. Only 10% of our health or illness is influenced by our genes, and the other 90% is as a result of our lifestyle and our dreams! To support this process we have to create new thought processes - and we do this by dreaming a new world into being through engaging in different perceptual natures wiht the client, which is missing from psychology today, because it emphasises the existence of extra psychic processes.

#3 We Recognise We Are Our Dreams, Not Our Genes
We are all dreaming our world into being, yet most of us have forgotten how to guide the dream, and are instead living a nightmare. We each have the choice to live out our wounds, or our heroic journey, to live out the pain and trauma of our past, or as an empowered courageous individual. However, to do this we have to make that conscious decision, we all have the choice between having the life we want or creating the reasons why we can't have that life. Alberto Villoldo whom I studied with describes this as "The Dreamtime - The Creative Matrix - it does not exist in a place outside of us, but rather within. It infuses all matter and energy, connecting every creature, every rock, every star, and every ray of light or bit of cosmic dust. The Shaman lives in a dream, but not the kind of dream that belongs in the domain of sleep. Shamans understand the waking dream, and can change the dream by changing their relationship with the luminous strands the make up the energetic realm. This is how creation happens." We support our clients to dream a new world into being.. through re-writing their personal map, and removing the imprints informing the luminous energy field. 

#4 Our Intent is Healing VS Curing 
Curing is for "medicine", whereas healing is for working with a shamanic practitioner. Curing works on treating the disease and eliminating the symptoms being experienced, whereas healing works on addressing the cause of the disease and the toxic emotions that are creating a disconnection between the client and their joy, vitality and health. Curing may eliminate symptoms, and sometimes the disease, yet often because the cause hasn't been addressed the disease can return. Whereas with healing, when we address the cause and the toxic emotions creating the disconnection, this can create changes in all aspects of one's life - relationships, way of being in communion with all of life, diet, job, marriage, how you relate with your children, sense of peace and overall well-being. With this focus we are enhancing the body's own healing response process. 


#5 We See Past, Present And Future As The Same 

At the level of the luminous body, there is no such thing as time, and therefore past, present and future are all the same. This means that your future resides in both your past and present! For example if you were to heal a physical illness such as cancer through chemotherapy, you may recover in the short term, however if it was not energetically cleared from the luminous body, it could re-appear. When we are working on the luminous body, we are working on the blueprint that organises the mind, emotions and physical body in a way that creates long lasting healthy in both your physical body and luminous field, so in the same way you can create psychosomatic disease, you can also then create psychosomatic health with energy medicine. 

#6 We Recognise We Are Each A Spiritual Being 
We do not believe there is a separation between the Mind, Body and Spirit. We acknowledge the spiritual nature and spiritual quest that we are each on, a great journey of self-discovery. This is best expressed through this extract: "In the work of Alberto and the kind of shamanic processes that he does, he is beginning to identify the organising principals of the spiritual," said Tim Hallbom. "This relates to NLP in some important ways because NLP is about detecting the patterns and structure of subjective experience, which includes exploring the essence of our spiritual nature," he added. "For example, I think God has a structure. Even Albert Einstein said that the most important question in his life was 'I want to know God's thoughts', So when we begin to explore the spiritual, we need to look at what is the structure of the organizing principals that revolve around the essence of our Spiritual Beingness in this world. God didn't just do this randomly, there has to be some kind of deeper structure behind this human experience and energy medicine may be a gateway for discovering more about the that deeper structure," said Hallbom.

#7 We Engage Different Perceptual States 
To work with the luminous energy field, we engage four difference perceptual states. The first is the level of "Serpent" which is the literal, physical and casual. This is the world of physical sciences: solidified physical, causal, predictable, linear. Example:  Let’s say the client’s face looks red. Red is just the color. That is literal.

Another level is the perceptional level called ‘Jaguar,’ where we perceive feelings, emotions, social dynamics and its accompanying storylines. Continuing with the previous example, at this level we we may see that the red is the emotional charged story line of shame, or anger, or embarrassment, or suppressed rage, or fear from a past event still affecting them.

At the next perceptional level it is called "Hummingbird", the level of the mythical, archetypes and being ‘on journey’.  At this level we find mythical ‘archetypes’ and ‘myths’ operating in our lives, shown through symbols and clues to show what mythic map is operating at the level of the soul.  This may be patterns such as aspects of a hero or heroine;s journey, or entrapment in a victim-bully-rescuer disempowerment pattern, or expressions of the masculine or feminine mythic journeys of empowerment. If for example someone was stuck in a triangle of disempowerment entrapment, the session may involve soul pieces having to be returned and facing aspects of who they really are.

The last perceptional level is ‘Eagle/Condor’, which is ‘the biggest picture’, the universal level of Spirit, beyond duality, which “can be known but not described”. It is at this level that "all is well". 


How does this differ to traditional healing?

PHYSICAL DOCTOR - Maps at physical and intervenes at the physical
PSYCHOLOGIST - Maps at the mental and intervenes at the mental
JUNGIAN PSYCHOTHERAPY - Maps may include the mythical level
SOMATIC PSYCHOTHERAPIES - Maps may include the energetic accessed through the physical bvody
MODERN PSYCHIATRY - Maps and intervention generally occur on the physical level  

#8 We Believe in the Power of Intention 
At the start of a session, we begin things with a clients intent and then the rest of the process unfolds solely on supporting the client to release whatever hucha "heavy" energy or limiting energy needs to be released, allowing for working with health issues to be much more effective. Intent is the basis of manipulating this reality for anything including healing and manifestation. By using intent properly we can heal health issues, and this is why unless the client wishes to get well, the reality will be his own intent of illness. 

"Intent is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated. It operates in spite of the warrior's indulgence. Intent is what makes him invulnerable. Intent is what sends a shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity." ~ Carlos Castaneda (1931-)

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