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Authentic Branding & Marketing

There's a new Creator emerging - one that values profits and purpose - The Conscious Entrepreneur.

They value making a difference through this world, through the creations their Soul is guiding them to birth into being - to take that dream from the 'dream and spirit' planes, and anchor into this physical reality. 

Have you got an idea that just came out of thin air? It was like a download, and you just knew you had to do it. Maybe you are already working on it, or you have launched it but have since become feeling stuck. 

I work with people just like you, that truly wish to be the change they want to see in this world. I know the tools, and have the expertise, to be able to support you in grounding your vision and bringing your dreams to life with you.

I tune in to the creative entity of your business or particular service offering, then channel how it wishes to be expressed, along with providing you with the tools and practices of you can learn to do the same. These sessions are very hands on between on us both, so that you are empowered after every session to re-visit these sets of tools time and time again, to save costs and build your own knowledge base as an entrepreneur.

Whether you want a full business and marketing plan, or just a fresh new set of Millennial eyes on your business for an innovative set of ideas to increase revenue, market share + hit your goals… we can support you!

Our team also includes a marketing agency collaboration, The Cre8tive Co, which means we can bring forward an entire marketing agency team of support depending on how large or complex your marketing needs are.

Session topics include:

  • Crafting your Vision

  • Business Energy Healing Sessions

  • Marketing and Business Plan

  • Personal Branding Strategy

  • Website Development

  • Crowdfunding

  • Copyrighting

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Book Writing and Publishing

  • Corporate Training and Workshops

  • Millennial Leadership and Marketing

  • Board Level Advisory and more

Business Energy Healing Sessions

Puja for Abundance or Business Clearing - Energy Healing

Would you like further abundance, good luck and blessings coming into your business? This is the perfect energy healing if you wish for support with resolving an issue or particular situation at work, or for support with greater abundance. One hour energy healing via Skype.


Owner/CEO Energy Healing

Any business, will only ever grow as big as it's owner. So, often when we come to roadblocks within the business, it can be a mirror and reflection of what is occurring in some way linked with the Owner/CEO. I learnt this EVERYTIME when I was leading a multi-million dollar company, and often this is to many people, an unknown. This session will work specifically on this. We will be supporting the business owner being in energetic alignment with outcomes and goals of the business. This can also support in bringing in different qualities into the energy system. One hour energy healing via Skype.


Owner or Business Karmic Healing

This is the perfect session to do, when it comes to clearing any karmic influences or 'bad business dealings' that could have occurred from affecting the business. This is a very deep process of removing hooks, consciousness and working on specific situations, relationship issues or work dynamics that could be unresolved, or have occurred in the past, which may still be affecting greater prosperity, alignment and abundance flowing into the business. We will also be strengthening and energising the energy system and creating new patterns of consciousness to support the integration of the healing. One hour energy healing via Skype.


Owner Core Wound Healing

Our core wound, often unconsciously, is playing out in all aspects of our lives. This session we work on what the core wound imprint is, how this is playing out within their business and then an energy healing to support this. The energy healing will be working on the core wound, clearing the energy bodies of the imprint, catching up the mental body for digestion of the issue, catching up the life field for support of integration of this healing, strengthening and energising the energy system, plus a clearing of the effect their astrological chart is having on their life to minimise these influences. 2 hour energy healing via Skype.

Authentic Branding & Marketing Packages

START WITH WHY - Half day vision, mission and values strategy session 

It’s imperative for every business to start with their WHY. In this age, clients are being driven more than ever towards companies that stand for a purpose greater than the bottom line. Not only does having a clear understanding of your vision, mission and values help in attracting more clients, it also supports a stronger sense of people and culture to increase staff performance, allows for greater success in your marketing campaigns to clearly articulate your message and service or product offerings to your potential clients, and ensure congruency within all business operations. 

A clear vision means… 

-      Crystal clear business plan 

-      Staff motivated with clear kpi’s 

-      Goals achieved each month, quarter and year 

-      Greater success with marketing campaigns

-      Increased revenue

-      Wider sense of contribution than your bottom line

Attraction Model Strategy

An attraction model is centred upon three main pillars – published content, publicity and strategic partnerships. This includes a thorough review of your business, business goals, competitor and market research and a formulated suggestion attraction model strategy that could support your goals over your desired time frame.

This will include a written report that will include suggestions around how to position yourself as a key person of influence, what type of content pieces to publish to reach your audience and build credibility and allow yourself to become an authority in your space, plus a publicity strategy to allow for increased brand awareness and suggestions on strategic partnerships to widen your reach to potential new clients and build your tribe. 

Online Marketing Strategy

Every business requires an online marketing strategy to connect with their people – a clear strategy allows us to save dollars, and have a better aim at the target we are trying to reach. By first gaining clear on your current wins, market share, market advantages and disadvantages, avatar, products and services and where you wish to be in 6 months time, we will workshop a strategy that will allow for you to reach your goals. 

These goals could include a launch of a new product offering, increasing market share, re-positioning yourself within the market place, increasing brand awareness, increasing your database, launching your personal brand or reaching a wider audience to build your potential client database. 

12 Week Content Strategy

Content is king! Now more than ever before potential clients are expected to connect with you 20 times to build a relationship before they will purchase for you. The old days of just asking for a sale and hoping you can close it are gone. 

In order to succeed now and in the future to meet your business goals, a strong content strategy is required and will form the basis of all of your marketing goals that will underpin you meeting your operation goals. 

The complexity of your content strategy will depend on your individual business and business goals. Content can include many forms, yet the main aspects of a content strategy that I believe underpin success include:

-      Attraction model – published content, pr, partnerships

-      Online strategy – Facebook, Instagram etc 

-      Personal branding with clearly articulated why

-      Company branding story with clearly articulated why

-      Avatar and Product/Service offerings aligned within the business speaking to clearly articulated problem and how these solve the solution for that Avatar

-      Following on from the last point, then a well thought out content strategy to support an online funnel to sell those offerings


-      4 hours of strategy sessions including initial 2 hour strategy session, plus 1 hour strategy session one month after and 1 hour strategy session one month after this 

-      12 week content calendar with suggested content pieces to reach the business goals 

-      Monthly analytical breakdown of wins, successes and improvements from the content strategy

Regular Content Piece - Copyrighting and Strategy

One of the fundamental pieces in your marketing strategy to position yourself as a key person of influence and build an attraction model, so your clients are attracted to you with less cost is published content.

The best way to do this, is to create a regular content piece to build long term relationships with your clients. Add relationship vs sales stat here to back up the new paradigm shift with sales with this. 

The content piece can be created in many forms which could change in it’s regularity from daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This could also be in many forms such as a weekly blog as a newsletter, a regular audio recording, podcast, or video. In terms of how regular it is and the form of it, this is best that it occurs in a way that suits the individual and that excites them the most, as they must be super excited, engaged and invested in seeing this a success in order for it to be so over the long term. 


-      One hour strategy session to understand the best type of content, the goals of the content piece, current state of the business and confirm preferred regularity and type of the content piece. 

-      Follow up email will include suggested ideas for the content piece and potential plan for the first 12 weeks to achieve goals 

-      Creation of the content piece based on the type of content piece

-      Supporting digital/marketing strategy suggestions to engage audience to subscribe and build subscribers each month 

Other Services

Personal Branding

Within this 2 hour session, we will look at your current personal brand, and how you wish for your authentic voice and brand to be communicated. We will discuss the different platforms that you wish for this to occur, including website, social media, blogging, product offerings and more. This will be about gaining super clear clarity on who you are, and how to communicate this in a consistent manner out. This will involve crafting your own personal branding strategy and bio. Depending on where the strategy takes us, this may also go into how to showcase your personal brand through photography, through the written form, through video, and your offerings. You will leave the session with a new found confidence in how to communicate who you are, what you can offer and how to be seen more embodying your unique essence through your business.

CEO/Owner Personal Branding Story - Copyrighting

The CEO/Owner/Director’s image, is just as important as the overall company vision. When you can clearly articulate why you do what you do, and what drives you in an authentic, personal and relatable way, this becomes a way in which your clients can develop a relationship with you even before they have met you. This type of personal branding story can go a long way in building a business that is built on the foundations of what I call an attraction model – which allows for you to attract clients to your business for minimal costs. 

Company Branding Story - Copyrighting

A clear company branding story, ensures you can stand apart from the rest of your competitors, highlighting that you stand for something much greater than your bottom line. It also helps your potential clients create a deeper emotional connection with you, that keeps you front and centre in their mind when this is backed up with a cohesive, consistent and well thought out overall marketing strategy. 

Ideal Client

Crafting your ideal client, allows for you to speak to the fears, heart, desires and dreams of your ideal client. When you have crystal clear clarity on your ideal client, then it becomes much better to be able to communicate marketing messages to them, ensure your products and services are truly solving their problem and adding value, plus know how to reach them in a way that saves you dollars!

Website Strategy and Copyrighting

Before we begin this 2 hour session, receive a complimentary discovery call, where we will discuss the overall goals of the business in the short and long term. Based on your priority short term goal, this will lead the strategy and time frames around the execution of this project. After the discovery call, a strategy will be sent through with suggested focus areas, time frames and costs for execution. Items that are explored within this type of session include crystal clear clarity on mental, emotional, spiritual, social and financial goals around your business, and confirmation of short term priority goal. Looking at the overall website structure to be able to reach your goals, opt in offers, how to build an email list, funnel through your website that takes people to your key offering, branding message throughout the whole website, blog and content strategy, seo and more. There will also be recommendations, as well as the set up of key technology platforms to support less stress and greater efficiency in the realms of email marketing, online calendar booking, payment processing, financial software and more.

Blog and Content Marketing

Within this 2 hour session, we will be guided by your key client and look at the content that will provide them with the most value right now. By the end of the strategy you will have a 6-12 month blog and content strategy, that will enable traffic from your social media sites and through search engines, onto your website. You will be empowered with the know-how of how to use this tool in the future also for yourself, so you can become your own go-to for creating content that revolutionises your clients lives.

Opt in Offer and Email List Building

Within this 2 hour session, we will look at the number one tool to provide your clients with instant value and turn them into raving fans, your opt in offer. We will brainstorm the best opt in offer to use for your clients right now that will be able to draw people from your social media onto your website and give them a taste of what you have to offer. We will also like at the email marketing funnel to support this opt in offer, and strategies for building the number one resource within your business, which is your email database. This is the number one way to provide clients with value, then build relationships with them to turn raving fans into paying clients that love working with you!

Client Customer Experience

Within this 2 hour or half day session, we will explore the current client experience around a particular offering within your business, and how you can turn this into a blue ocean strategy, where you avoid competing on price within your industry! We will plan out your customer experience in a way that allows for your client to receive the most value and sees them coming back to experience more.

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