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Hello, I’m Willow!

I’m the Creatrix behind Munay Cacao, and a Cacao Ceremonialist.

How’d I get into sharing Cacao? Well, Cacao itself seemed to begin whispering to me .. the more I have sat with this plant, the more I was shown what “Munay Cacao” was, and how much I needed to share this practice and the health benefits of Cacao with as many people as I could.

I believe if we each started our day with this practice - the world would be a different place! Before I get into exactly what “Munay Cacao” is, let me answer your burning questions…

Cocoa Vs Cacao

The Cacao we use is different to cocoa, and also different from the Cacao powder you would find in a supermarket. This is 100% pure, ceremonial grade Cacao from the original Chocolate Shaman, Keith’s Cacao.

Cacao (kə-ˈkau̇) is the seed found in the fruit of the Theobroma cacao tree, which is native to the Amazon Basin. Raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted cacao beans. The process keeps the living enzymes in the cacao and removes the fat (cacao butter). Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, cacao can be considered a “superfood.” Ceremonial cacao is specifically produced from native cacao strains. These strains are found growing on its own in the wild without the help of humans. The compounds found in these seeds are essential for ceremonial use.

Cocoa powder is raw cacao that’s been roasted at high temperatures. Roasting and processing raw cacao changes the molecular structure of the cacao bean, reducing the enzyme content (bye bye antioxidants and flavanols) and lowering the overall nutritional value by up to 90%. Regular cocoa is what’s usually used in chocolate you can buy at grocery stores and pharmacies. 

What’s a Cacao Ceremony?


Cacao was first discovered by the Mayan Shamans and in ancient times Cacao was used for ceremonial and medicinal purposes. The Mayan Shamans used ceremonial cacao to open the heart and access higher dimensions. The ancient Mayans called it the “Food of the Gods”.

Cacao is a powerful plant medicine to bring into your life, with a stack load of science backed health benefits that will seriously transform your life, relationships, creative projects & how connected you feel to yourself! This “medicine” has transformed my life & that’s why I am so passionate about sharing this with others.

Cacao can act as a powerful aphrodisiac that awakens the “love hormones” in the body, such as serotonin and dopamine. It has the power to provide mental clarity, to move you from your head to your heart, and to produce a gentle euphoria.

A Maya legend tells us that whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony. Some shamans therefore consider cacao the “food for the shift.” It represents the new order of love and peace, which is being cultivated right now.


About Munay Cacao

Munay Cacao is a daily practice of connecting with the spirit of Cacao, to support you to move from head to heart, to trust, surrender, gain clarity and connect with the innate wisdom that always lives within you, guiding you towards embodying your authentic true self. 

For those wanting to take their practice further, we offer Munay Cacao Private Sessions to support you in creating a personal daily Cacao Ceremonial practice that will support you within where you are within your journey right now.

The spirit of Cacao encouraged us to start spreading the magic of Cacao when I was in Peru January 2018 on a San Pedro Plant Medicine Journey. At that point I had never experienced a Cacao Ceremony. I began sitting in Ceremony daily with Cacao, and connected with the plant, and started being shown what Munay Cacao was.

Munay in the Quecha language of the Incas in Peru means is a verb that means to love, and a noun describing a state of love and being which is unconditional, eternal and without reason or thinking. 

For the Qero Shamans, Munay is one of the three pillars that support one's path in becoming a Keeper of the Earth. It is more than a kind of love, it is a Divine Willpower. It is an energetic power that far exceeds physical power, and by the Qero, is the type of power that would lift megalithic stones at sacred sites in ancient times. 

The energy of Munay is located at the heart (sonqo nawi). Rather than an emotion, Munay is seen as a sense of respect and appreciation for everyone and everything. It is connected to living in 'ayni' which is a state of reciprocity, which is to live in right relationship with all of creation. 

To walk in Munay, is to walk in the power of Love, to walk your own walk and is the path of living from your heart. 

The Munay Cacao Daily Practice


We all have hucha (heavy energy) that can be resting on our hearts, that can make us masters of anger, hate, greed, fear and envy, rather than masters of Love. 

To be a master of Love, we must practice Love. The daily practice connects you into the living energy of Munay, that lives within each and every one of us, then setting the foundation for all other areas in life to thrive. When we can become centred, connected to our hearts, (wombs for women), higher and wiser self and our truth, many of our problems, anxiety, tension and stress dissolves. 

We feel less worried, more present in our bodies, less in a state of overthinking, able to see opportunities rather than roadblocks, less in fear and more in love, living in a connected way to those around us. 

When we cleanse the heavy energy around our heart from all the times we have suffered and closed it, we can then begin to trust in opening our hearts again. When we find the courage to face the pain that is around our heart, our heart becomes free and we regain our personal power. We also then foster the necessary Munay, to create deeper connections with all of life and Mother Earth. 

Guided by Cacao, we develop a personal daily Cacao practice with you. We use the base Munay Practice, along with other elements to support your specific goals, being more balanced between your masculine and feminine energies, manifestation, feeling less stressed, achieving specific goals, becoming more comfortable within yourself or whatever your intentions may be. 

Munay Cacao Online Course Coming Soon - We will be launching a Munay Cacao online course in 2019 to share this practice with you. Join our Facebook group community to stay in touch, receive new Cacao Recipes, free ceremonies + be the first to hear about it.


Purchasing Cacao

The Original and World’s Finest Pure Cacao from the Original Chocolate Shaman, Keith!

Start using Cacao TODAY. Order your Ceremonial Grade Cacao through us and you will receive a Cacao Recipe booklet, Cacao information booklet, Munay Cacao updates inside the Facebook group and be the first to know about our Munay Cacao Course when it gets launched. This is a 454g bar, and therefore is generally a month’s supply of Cacao if you are having regular Cacao Ceremonies.

Keith's Ceremonial Grade Cacao
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Joining the Munay Cacao Membership

Munay Cacao Membership
70.00 every month

Die-hard Cacao lover? If you want to change up your morning coffee for a morning Cacao instead - then this is the no-hassle option we have sorted for you… You’ll receive a monthly supply of Cacao to your door each month without even having to think about it.

The order will be processed on the 14th of each month and you will receive it a week later. Join below!


Cacao Health Benefits

  • Powerful heart opener that connects you to your higher self

  • Over 1200 chemical constituents making it the most pharmacologically complex food in nature

  • Assists with bringing awareness to things such as limiting patterns and blocks that have been standing in the way of you creating the life you love or in alignment with your soul

  • Enables deep meditation, calming the masculine brain to assist entering into the unconscious feminine brain where 99.99% of all information is held

  • Encourages embodiment of new ways of being, moving you from your head to your heart, by allowing you to feel in your body what you know in your head and to receive the teaching that we are all love and love is all there is

  • Feelings of being at one, where what you wish to manifest is powerfully magnetised to you and a sacred time for bringing in intentions and abundance

  • Cacao is the only food in the world that connects your left and right brain. This more balanced and connected male and female energy allows you to receive inspiration through the feminine energy and act on it in the masculine energy. This access to unity consciousness allows for received access to new creative ideas with the ability for these to manifest

  • Clarity with your life purpose and how you are best to live your purpose and can facilitate greater feelings of flow through creative pursuits such as writing, dancing, painting and music

  • 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, highest plant based source of Iron and more calcium than cow’s milk

  • Mood enhancing compound PEA or phenthylamine, which triggers the release of endorphins and pleasurable opium like neurochemicals which are the same chemicals that release when we fall in love or during sexual activity which could assist with an increase in libido

  • Contains neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan and dopamine that stimulate brain activity and regulate mood. Serotonin is the feel good brain chemical

  • Contains anandamide taken from the sanskrit word Ananda or bliss and it is this mood improving chemical which is known as the bliss molecule leaving us feeling ecstasy, blissful and eurphoric. It also plays a role in moderating pain perception and the memory of pain and regulates appetite and mood

  • May protect against cardiovascular disease, reducing the risk of stroke and improve blood circulation through the flavanols which is an ant inflammatory and heart protective antioxidant found in raw cacao. Cacao contains over 700 compounds and the complex antioxidants found in it known as polyphenols help reduce ‘bad cholesterol’ and prevent hardening of the arteries. No heart drug on the market can come close to the protective benefits of cacao.

  • Promotes powerful shamanic journeying and connection with your own innate spiritual wisdom

  • Become an ascended master on earth, through journeying with this sacred palnt to be able to show you how you can shift your perception so that life can be fun with this gentle and powerful feminine force

  • The Department of Nutrition at University of California, Davis discovered that cacao thins blood and can prevent blood clots. This finding shows that eating raw cacao can be just as beneficial as taking an aspirin a day.

  • One of the highest concentrations of magnesium found in this natural food source. Magnesium also helps to protect against osteoporosis, reduces type II diabetes, and lowers blood pressure.

  • Improves cognitive function and prevents Alzheimer’s – A Harvard study by Dr. Gary Small, showed that middle-aged people who drank two cups a day had improved memory and increased blood flow to the brain.

  • Fiber content stimulates body’s digestive enzymes

  • Consists of the healthy fats that are the helpers that create chemical reactions for: growth, immune function, and metabolic function

Keith's Ceremonial Grade Cacao
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