Activate Your Primordial Dragon Power (24th March Melbourne)

Do you wish to discover and awaken your forgotten power? To transform anger, resentment and rage into power, purpose and pleasure?

Join us Sunday 24th March 9am-4pm 

Belford Street Holistic Therapies, 4/5 Belford Street, St Kilda 

The 96 and 16 trams service Belford Street plus the 246 bus and metered street parking. 

Cost of the event: $80

Sue will support you in a safe space to identify the things that make you angry and stuck and introduce you to some tools to help you find the anger, name it, understand and acknowledge and honour it for it’s gifts and then let it go. 

Oftentimes, as women, we are taught to express our feelings yet supress our anger – in fact stuff it away. When we hide our anger, it never goes away and as we stuff more anger on top, it only gets stronger. In this workshop, Sue will support you in a practical process that she has learned which will support you in facing your anger, dealing with it and letting it go. 

As you face your anger honestly, you can find what caused the anger and as a result, what you have learned as a result of having to cope. You will then be able to express gratitude for the lesson learned and then energetically break free from the perpetrator. Some call this forgiveness but this is not about absolving the other from responsibility but ending the energetic connection so you are free to move forward and not stuck in a victim past.

When you heal, not only do you find space to create a new future but also your healing moves out from you to your family and friends and eventually our Mother Earth. 

All women hold tremendous power to change their own life, the lives of other and the world and it is time to get rid of the things that are holding you back and move into your power and do what you came here to do. 

No more being silenced or playing small. We have our work to do!!!

Willow will be sharing with everyone the ancient mysteries of Dragon and Dove Alchemy, the Ascending and Descending Kundalini energy and womb wisdom teachings surrounding this. You will learn about the alchemical union of the complementary solar and lunar energy streams and how this births the dragon body or body of light, that allows us to marry the primordial dragon power that rises into our body from the womb of Gaia in an energetic fire with the pure love that flows down from the cosmic womb. The solar, masculine energy "ascends" and the lunar feminine receptive energy "descends". Many of us have suppressed our lunar descending energy flow, meaning our feminine side, deep feelings, desire to connect back to earth and just "be". Instead most of us have our energy locked in this state of ascending solar masculine energy rising up into the mind and out of the body, caught in a state of "doing" that burns us out. 

In the first session together, you will experience a movement meditation raise your "dragon wings" and ascend into the cosmic womb, then descend the living lunar light back down through your energy body and anchor it into the womb. Then in the afternoon session you will experience a breath work practice to activate your "dragon power". This breathwork practice will allow you to discover and awaken your forgotten power, release your deepest emotional and sexual wounds, find your no and dive into your wild, embodied YES, awaken more pleasure, bliss and ecstasy into your body. These sessions support a type of endocrine alchemy, that at a bioenergetic level represents an inner union of one's crown and root, yin and yang. The practices we will move through in the session, will release any blocks, tension or stress patterns, to allow the pelvis to be free with greater energy to support your energy system and kundalini. 


9am - Opening Circle, Acknowledgement of country, Intentions and Cacao Ceremony

9:30am - Sue will explore how to locate and acknowledge anger, find what is keeping you trapped in anger in preparation for a process of releasing.... 

10:30am-11:00am Morning tea – tea, coffee and filtered water supplied.

11am-12:00pm Willow introduces Dragon and Dove Alchemy and the ascending and descending kundalini then experience practice to get in touch with the "Dove" energy

12pm-1pm - Lunch – Belford Street Holistic Therapies in a 30 second walk from vibrant Acland St.

1pm-2pm Sue will explore how you honour your anger and find the gift in it ... then how to disentangle the anger and let it go – to forgive and free yourself to create a new way for your future.

2pm-2:30pm Afternoon tea – tea, coffee and filtered water supplied.

2:30pm-3:30pm - Willow takes everyone through a breath work practice to awaken primordial "dragon power"

3:30pm-4pm - Closing circle and sharing 

Sue and Willow acknowledge that we are meeting on Kulin Nation lands and we acknowledge the elders past, present and emerging and the ancestors and spirits of country.

This circle is a safe and accepting space for all women. 


Sue Jackel is a Melbourne-based medicine person, shamanic healer, Vortex Healing® practitioner and intuitive. She offers 1:1 sessions (in person and on Skype), workshops, ritual and ceremonial leadership for every-body. She is also developing an online community in the coming months. 

Sue draws on earth-centred shamanic practices and wisdom to create meaning and bring healing into the lives of those called to be healed and to serve our Mother Earth. 

Sue supports you to find and hear your own voice, reclaim your power and get in touch with your innate healing ability. As you are healed, you claim your place within your community of fellow travelers and as a protector of our Mother Earth. 

Sue has a passion to work with every-body. All women, all men and everyone who is part of our LGBTIQ communities. She loves working with those souls who can’t quite find what they are looking for and support them to find it. She offers a safe, accepting and non-judgemental space for each one of you on your healing journey.


A FourWinds Energy Medicine Practitioner, Vortex Healer®, Womb Priestess Mentor, Natural Health Medicine Coach, Writer and Philanthropist. Willow is bridging the Sacred Feminine Healing Arts with Entrepreneurship, to support change-makers and Sacred Feminine Leaders catalyse positive change in the world. 

As a voice and space holder for the Sacred Feminine, her passion is to hold a loving presence and space for her clients to embody the truth of who they are, to realise the bigger vision for their life, and dream this into being for their personal healing, relationships and business.

If you require more information or have questions, please email info@sacredfemininealchemy.c

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