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Discover Your Vulnerability with this Inner Child Healing

There's so much research now that having pets and that sense of warmth, and connection, and the oxytocin, and tenderness, it increases longevity and happiness. The happiness quality of life. And that the other side of the equation is when there's a deficit of connection. When there's a lot of loneliness. There is depression and when we don't have adequate bonding early on, death. Inner child healing allows us to return to that sense of innocence and playfulness, to experience joy and more of who we truly are in the world.

Our inner child is the part within all of us that originated with our birth and then continued on until our transition into adulthood and beyond. Very quickly this part of us learned how to perceive, how to sense, how to listen, how to think, how to react and behave, and especially how to feel as we formed the original blueprints for our older adult selves.

For most people, how your inner child experienced the world early on in your developing years no doubt continues to have at least some effect on who you are right now. For those who did not have the perfect childhood, which is most likely all of us in some way or another, or for those who may have suffered undue emotional or physical abuses, then this process support giving your own adult self understanding, self-love and self-acceptance back to your younger and more innocent being, as well as remembering just how much your inner child has to offer back to you in return.

Included in this inner child healing is:

- Audio journey recording for your own Cacao Ceremony practice at home
- Inner child healing journey recording to support new thought patterns, habits, behaviours and healing to take place to embrace your vulnerability 
- Radical Vulnerability PDF Manual
- Learn about Shamanic Energy Medicine, how you can modify your genetic expression to improve your health
- Learn about Soul Loss and the process of Soul Retrieval to be "more of who you truly are"
- Learn about the four myths of vulnerability and how to embrace the truth behind these instead
- Video referenced teaching on "Spiritually Re-parenting"
- Sacred Space Prayer to use and explanation of this so that you can use this for protection in your home and as you need
- Cacao recipe book + access to my Cacao I sell at a discounted price ($65AUD)



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If you would like to go deeper into this work together - then please reach out and book a 1:1 initial session or you can immerse in our 3 month immersion with fortnightly healing sessions at a reduced discounted rate of $66 per week payment plan. Email to find out more.