Private 3 Month Immersion


Journey around the Medicine Wheel

Our Private Coaching Immersion together will allow deep and profound change through working across three months with fortnightly sessions as we journey around the Medicine Wheel.


Beginning in the South direction of Serpent, you will be looking at old life stories and how they are limiting you from embodying the truth of who you are, including past roles and teachers.

In the West direction of Jaguar you will uncover and gain an awareness of the ancestral and karmic patterns that may be limiting the expression of you embodying your full self. You will gain an understanding of the energy leaks in your life of where you give your power away and come to feel and know the source of your true feminine power and wisdom. 

In the North direction of Hummingbird you will be claiming the gifts of your Soul journey thus far, discovering the root cause’s of fragmentation and disconnection, that may have caused a part of your vital soul essence to split off. This is when you will embrace the sweet nectar of your true self. 

In the East direction of Eagle, you complete the full circle of our Medicine Wheel journey, and are asked to become the courageous dreamer who can fly high to see the greater vision for your life, and dream a whole new world into being. You see the world with a new set of eyes, through love, and embrace all events as opportunities to retrieve and embody your highest destiny.

What’s included:

  • 6 x 90 minute Private 1:1 Sacred Feminine Alchemy Sessions via Skype

  • Whatsapp support over that time plus access to resources, practices and other rituals supplied throughout immersion

  • Facebook group support

  • Weekly email with inspiration for the week ahead

Your Investment:

Pay in full and receive $126 discount: $666

Or, choose our payment plan option here of $66 per week

How will the sessions work?

This package begins with a complimentary call to understand your intentions for this journey and what you hope to gain from this that allows Willow to create the 3 month private immersion specifically catered to your needs.

The 6 x different sessions will be guided intuitively, and will be held each fortnight over three months, as we journey around the Medicine Wheel. They will include various modalities including VortexHealing® , Womb Awakening, Energy Medicine, Natural Health Medicine Coaching, Cacao and Essential Oils. You will also receive other resources, practices and daily rituals to support you throughout the 3 months.

Let’s do this my love…