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The Power of Storytelling

I remember being back in year 6, and there was an instinctive pull I felt within me to put my hand up for school captain. I didn't know what it was at the time, but I just knew that I needed to move through this huge fear I had for public speaking. To my surprise, I received the gig as School Captain, and ever since I have been placed in situations that see me up on stage, answering my life purpose's call as a speaker.

 I have been lead on a journey from sharing my story of Mental Illness as a National Ambassador of the Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund, to sharing how I have developed resilience groups of a couple of hundred school children and motivational talks in businesses and universities.

We are hard wired to receive information through stories, and this is something that the ancients were in touch with. When we share stories, it triggers our imagination and becomes a shared experience for everyone to be involved in.

Speaking Enquiries

Speaking topics include;

  • The Mental Health Warrior

  • Millennial Leadership and Marketing

  • Reclaiming your Feminine Power

  • The age of the Mental Health Entrepreneur

  • Shakti Leadership

  • The Conscious Entrepreneur