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Are you a visionary, creative, entrepreneur, leading a multi-national company, a stay at home mum, working in a 9-5 or a seeker wishing to re-connect with the Sacred Feminine and alchemise your pain and trauma, into purpose, freedom and empowerment?

Being fully seen, witnessed and acknowledged for who you are, can make all the difference. We get it, and we get you. You’re the visionary, creative, resilient and determined one who knows they are here to make a difference in the world.

Having a mentor by your side, who can support you on an energetic level, as well as who has a foot in the door in the business and entrepreneurial world, can truly make all the difference. We can not change what we do not know, and by working with a mentor who can illuminate what lies in the shadows, to support you in activating your unique magic, and being the compassionate listener in the periods of doubt, the empowering shoulder in the times of confusion and person of connection in terms of wishing to give up, can truly… truly… make all the difference! We know it has in our lives.


Sacred Feminine Alchemy 1:1 Sessions

Willow Jayne has a gift to be able to support each of her client’s in being able to see the bigger picture of their life, as well as the gifts held within their current life experiences. As a successful Sacred Feminine Millennial leader who has alchemised her own pain and trauma, into an award-winning career following her life call, she believes connecting to play alongside depth in each session allows for any healing journey and deep “inner work” to be sustainable. She has an art in the way she dances between the seen and unseen worlds to support her clients into their place of becoming so they may write a new, empowering destiny for their lives.


Authentic Branding & Marketing

Wish to stand out from the rest? Our marketing expertise and the support of our marketing agency collaborations can support you in breaking new territory in your industry, increasing market share, re-positioning yourself as a brand influencer or key person of influence and ensuring that your message is in alignment with the true core why of your business. From overall marketing strategy, social media, public relations, published content, product launches and more, we can help you with all of your marketing needs.


Munay Cacao Ceremonies

Experience the unique magic of a Munay Cacao Ceremony by Willow Jayne, using what the Mayan Shamans referred to as the “Food of the Gods’ to connect you to your higher self, de-calcify your pineal gland, be your natural mood booster & so much more! We also sell the most pure, original, ceremonial grade Cacao in the world…


Retreats, Workshops and Events

Willow Jayne holds various retreats, workshops and events around the world to create safe and sacred spaces for both men and women, to re-connect to the Sacred Feminine Mystery Teachings, become empowered Leaders, re-connect to the truth of who they are, support their remembrance, awakening and healing. Find out when she is near you next or invite Willow to facilitate at your next retreat or event!